Our Mission is to share resources with others while demonstrating dignity, kindness, and love.

The Atlanta FREE Store operates on 100% donations and volunteers. 

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"Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great LOVE."  ~Mother Teresa

 A FREE Store is...

  • A gift of love intended to help community members with various items they may need but can't afford.  These items include food, clothing, household items and toiletries.
  • A second hand store where everything is FREE. 
  • A place to up-cycle.  Rather than throwing away good stuff that is no longer needed, many people donate things they no longer use to the FREE Store so that they can be used by someone who may actually need it.
  • For EVERYONE, no proof of income or family size requirements.  If you need it, come get it.  Sometimes even people who work 40 hours a week need a little help.  You are welcome at the FREE Store, no judgment and no questions asked.

A FREE Store is not...

  • A store to stock up on items.  People visiting the FREE Store chose only items that they need.  Most visitors will only use one shopping bag.
  • A bargain store.  Although the FREE Store is for everyone, if you can afford to buy toilet paper (for example) please buy it from the regular store.  The FREE Store is not intended to save money, the FREE Store is intended to help those who REALLY can't afford it.
  • Always the same.  All items are donated; therefore, we never know what will be in stock.



What is a FREE Store